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A technology-first approach to credit risk analysis.

Objective Results

Perform risk analysis
in minutes, not days

TARA™ provides trusted and accurate results backed by real data. Contextual machine learning automates credit risk analysis in seconds and provides objective analysis with data for rating decisions.
Transparent Analysis

Full support for your CLO, CRE CLO, SASB, or Conduits

TARA™ is deal agnostic. Save time formatting data tapes to jumpstart deal analysis. Now adjust cashflows to rerun projections or compare pools using parameters of your choice. Do this, and more, in seconds!
AI-Powered Efficiency

Get a new committee doc with more diverse ranking

Use TARA™ to receive loan ranking based on impact on the pool. Illuminate and see what drives risk for each individual loan. Analyze how each property responds to economic or submarket factors based on its geography or property type. TARA™ highlights where to be concerned, so you know where to focus your time.
Integrated Workflows

Seamless integrations and user experience

Enable teams to do more by using AI to enhance the efficiency of their current processes. Start using TARA™ through the Excel add-in and INTEXcalc integration. Get your team up and running with just a few clicks.
For Any Deal

Run tail risk simulations with your own stresses and assumptions

TARA™ allows users to test and understand why particular decisions are made. Gain total control and transparency to understand AI risk evaluations through the machine learning algorithms. Input and modify anyfactor to empower your risk analysis.

Experience next-gen
credit risk analysis.

TARA™ Bond

Risk Optimization

Forward-looking view into the markets

TARA™ Bond enables a forward-looking view into the markets to understand bond price movements and other metrics such as MVOC—an unprecedented alliance combining pricing data with the industry’s most advanced and trusted bond cash flow modelling.

What our clients say

... On the high level I like it [TARA] for its easy to use, simple and concise design, and fast speed without much running time.

Structured Finance Professional
Top-tier Insurance Company

B-piece buyers are naturally sensitive to minimal losses, so for any given set of bond offerings, being able to quickly compare credit pools, relative tail risk, and individual loan sensitivities can help triage deal flow and improve credit monitoring. Underwriting a whole pool takes a lot of time with few resources, or a lot of resources with little time. TARA helps those resources to be allocated more efficiently.

Leading Asset Manager
West Coast Firm

Ai SPARK is pioneering the next step forward in credit analysis. Its AI based platform is built FOR and BY Structured Products professionals and helps our team assess risk and adapt to changes in the macro environment faster than ever before. No other platform comes close.

Asset Manager
Large US Bank