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About Us

In 2016, Ai SPARK began the initial stages of research that would eventually provide the embers to ignite a new age in credit risk analysis. Today, powered by the continual evolution of machine-learning technologies and backed by over 100 years’ collective experience, Ai SPARK redefines the Securitized Products industry by producing instant, objective, and continuous risk rating results.

Born of precision and inspired by simplicity, the Transparent Autonomous Risk Algorithm (TARA™) heralds a new age in credit risk assessment. Forged from decades of knowledge, experience and insight, a continual iterative machine-learning process allows TARA™ to effectively and effortlessly produce clear, concise and objective risk assessments in real-time.

By providing unprecedented accuracy and immovable principles through industry-defining artificial intelligence, TARA™ provides the platform for precise and unwavering risk analysis. TARA™ is able to clear one of the industry’s biggest hurdles by completely removing any ability to skew or manipulate market participant behaviour, providing a constantly improving level of precision.