Introducing Ai SPARK and TARA™

Published on
Apr 27, 2023
Written by
Mark Jackson
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Mark Jackson

Co-Founder, Head of Strategic Partnerships

CRE debt and property analysis is hard. CRE debt professionals face a monumental task providing real-time investment decisions, for a subject whose performance is impacted by innumerable fast changing factors.

The idea behind Ai SPARK

Ai SPARK was born out of the idea to leverage technology to meet the challenge of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) debt investment analysis.

CRE debt professionals operate in a chaotic and open system, with near infinite dimensions; multi-layered factors that impact properties: submarket performance, crime, tenants, financial leverage, environmental concerns, macro-economic disturbances, pandemics, inflation, the behavior of the Fed, global supply disruptions, war, borrower/guarantor attitudes and behavior, the special servicer, the list goes on.

In addition to these risk drivers, add to the system: bias, moral agency problems, broken incentives that pull players away from optimal goals/behaviors. The complexity of this challenge was at the root of the Great Financial Crisis and many if not all major CRE debt industry disruptions in the past.

Furthermore, while analyzing CRE debt instruments is intensive, costly, and requires sector specific skillsets, the work is done under crushing time constraints with market participants needing to make decisions impacted by 100’s of CRE loans in just hours. This presents an enormous challenge but also an equally large opportunity to leverage technology for CRE debt investing and analysis.

Powered by the continual evolution of machine learning technologies and backed by over 90 years’ collective experience, Ai SPARK produces instant, objective, and continuous predictive risk results. The company’s Transparent Autonomous Risk Algorithm (TARA™) is the leading artificial intelligence (AI) software for CRE credit risk analysis. A continual iterative machine learning process allows TARA™ to produce clear, concise, and objective risk assessments, allowing its users to enhance their processes effectively and effortlessly.

Why TARA™?

Today, TARA™ is the leading AI software for credit risk analysis in structured finance. Benefits and key features include:

  • End-to-end AI risk management solution that integrates seamlessly into your technology of choice.
  • Optimize portfolio construction and management right down to the loan level.
  • Ensure accuracy of credit work through a machine-learning process that produces clear, concise, and objective risk assessments in real-time.
  • TARA™ Bond enables a forward-looking view into the markets to understand bond price movements—an unprecedented alliance combining pricing data with the industry’s most advanced and trusted bond cash flow modelling.
  • Empowers debt investment professionals to do more, with less. Freeing up time to expand existing platforms to reveal higher yielding opportunities and/or deeper credit work.
“Ai SPARK is pioneering the next step forward in credit analysis. Its AI based platform is built FOR and BY CMBS professionals and helps our team assess risk and adapt to changes in the macro environment faster than ever before. No other platform comes close."

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