Six Reasons For Using TARA™

Published on
Apr 27, 2023
Written by
Mark Jackson
Read time
2 min

Mark Jackson

Co-Founder, Head of Strategic Partnerships

Transparent Autonomous Risk Algorithm (TARA™) is an AI built for credit risk analysis in structured finance. TARA™ identifies alpha opportunities to drive greater returns by leveraging latest available technologies. By providing unprecedented accuracy and immovable principles through enhanced modelling and deep logic, TARA™ does not replace the human element but rather provides the platform for precise and unwavering risk analysis. It is therefore able to clear one of the industry’s biggest hurdles by completely removing any ability to skew or manipulate market participant behavior, providing a constantly improving level of precision.

“We are inundated by new data sources, and yet we do not use them optimally. In short, TARA™ can use the data that we have... optimally."

Why TARA™?

Here are just some of the many reasons for using TARA™:

  1. Unprecedented accuracy: TARA™ autonomously risk rates properties’ future performance with unparalleled accuracy and speed, without the distortion of bias.
  2. Higher returns: TARA™ provides forward looking results, while accepting the users’ input to generate custom stresses, enabling users to buy higher yield bonds lower in the stack, with confidence.
  3. Ease of use: Cloud-based AI that integrates seamlessly into clients’ technologies of choice.
  4. AI powered: The continual iterative machine learning process allows TARA™ to produce clear, concise, and objective risk assessments effectively and effortlessly in real-time.
  5. Maintain quality standards: During phases of staff turnover, TARA™ helps ensure credit work accuracy and high-quality standards.
  6. Increase productivity: TARA™ enables teams to refocus and better prioritize by directing Human Resources to their highest and best use. Allowing teams to free up time for deeper credit analysis and/or platform expansion translates into greater accuracy and alpha.

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